The work is a series of questions regarding the acquisition of knowledge, in terms of how information is distributed, disseminated and discarded, through the process of deconstructing objects and de-circulating/decoding institutional relics, reconfiguring these commodities the way I think they should be experienced as an initiative to arts transformative function. Through cultural research, drawings, riffs on traditional sculpture and performance based installations, a focus to solve problems in ideas of re-appropriation and mis-representation of images, text or forms that already exist, with personal/historical narratives, layering Socratic methods of questioning and humor as a post-colonial pedagogical dialogue on manipulating perspective of the dominant ideology, confronting cultural bias, perceptions of otherness and racial fabrications. Everything we see has the potential to become inexplicably something else in terms of social justice and trans-pedagogy, wherein concepts dictate materials and process. Thinking and re-thinking possibilities through critical discourse in the canon of art history to create a new way of seeing the world as a new human in undoing whiteness.